Sports Sneakers

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Sports Sneakers #386
This pair of limited edition sneakers will prove their value in the gym. Rumoured to increase speed gains by up to 5%, these lightweight and durable shoes will leave your enemies in the dust.
Increases speed gains in the gym by 5%.
Buy Price

Sports Sneakers is an Enhancer item that can be purchased in the United Arab Emirates for $14,000,000,000


When a player has a pair of Sport Sneakers in their inventory, their stat gains when training speed in the Gym will be increased by 5%

Patch History

Released in Patch list #

Patch list #206 : 24/08/21
  • Added dedicated networth valuations for Unique Properties ($50b), Dirty Bombs ($50b), Dual Primaries ($20b), and Dubai Luxuries (purchase costs)