Prince Philip Mask '21

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Prince Philip Mask '21 #1180
HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was born Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark in 1921. Phil died nearly 100 years later in April 2021, and during his Royal Highness' lifetime he achieved many great things, such as fighting in World War 2, marrying a princess who was also kinda his cousin, being worshipped as a god by a Vanuatan tribe, bestowing certificates upon British schoolchildren for trivial feats of endurance, offending numerous foreign dignitaries, and seeing Queen Elizabeth II naked. This is a mask of Prince Philip's living face - although you wouldn't know to look at it.
Clothing (Masked)

Prince Philip Mask '21 is a Clothing item that can be found in Torn. It counts as a Scary clothing item during the annual Trick or Treat competition.

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