Reviving allows a player to get another player out of the hospital, no matter how long they are in the hospital for, or what their medical cooldown is.

You gain the ability to revive once you achieve the rank of Brain Surgeon in the Medical Job. You keep this ability even if you leave the job, and it is listed as a Perk on your homepage. The most common reasons for revives are faction wars, Xanax overdoses, hospitalisations as a result of failing crimes and for getting out of hospital abroad.

New revive mechanics were introduced in the Medical Revamp 2021.

Revive Success Chance

Revives have a success chance which is displayed to the reviver when attempting to revive a target. This success chance is based on how many revives the target has recently received and at a base level each revive decreases the future success chance by around 8% which slowly fades over 24 hours.

Revive Skill

Revive skill increased from 1 to 100 based on the number of revives performed and the success chance for those revives (i.e. a successful revive at 10% success chance will yield 10x more revive skill Source) Revive skill has three effects towards revives:

1. Revive skill increases the base success chance from 90% up to 100%

2. Revive skill reduces previous revive's effects on success chance by up to 50%

3. Revive skill determines the life restored upon revives I.e. 80 Revive Skill = 80% life

Revive Energy Consumption

A revive results in a loss of 75 Energy to the reviver whether successful or not. If the reviver is a member of a faction with a Fortitude branch set, plus Hospital Time upgraded to level 13; With each reviving upgrade set, there is a reduction in the amount of energy a revive costs of 5 energy per upgrade (To a minimum of 25 energy per Revive) Additionally, revive costs are reduced by 10 energy when under the influence of Love Juice during the Valentines Event.

Revive Preferences

You can choose if you want to receive Revives from players by changing your Preferences/Settings between 'Allow everyone', 'Allow friends and faction' (people on your friends list and in your faction) and 'Nobody'. Trying to revive a player with their settings disallowing this gives the message 'This player does not want you to revive them'.


By performing enough successful revives, a player can sometimes change their title to: 'Healer'. The rank corresponds to how highly ranked you are in revives compared to other players.

Related Awards

There are several honor bars related to reviving:

Revive Awards

Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
493291412.png Florence Nightingale Revive 500 players
856740501.png Second Chance Revive 1,000 players
389182165.png Miracle Worker Revive 10 people in 10 minutes
546992857.png Resurrection Revive someone you've just defeated
408571758.png Crucifixion Defeat someone you've just revived

Misc. Notes

Some players use this skill to supplement their income.

Potential Revivers should be aware: Not everybody appreciates an unexpected Revive.

Historical Notes

Before the Medical Revamp 2021, revives were guaranteed to succeed. Revives would revive the target and provide them with 25% of their maximum health.

Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #182 : 02/03/21
  • Changed 'Revive' link to disable if the user is not accepting your revives while abroad on the People page.
Patch list #181 : 23/02/21
  • Added revive skill which has been pre-generated based on the amount of previous revives.
  • Changed revives to have the possibility of failure /w visible chance % of which a higher revive skill improves.
  • Changed revive button styles on hospital to show which people are not accepting your revives.
  • Changed revive life recovery to be based on reviver's revive skill (I.e. Level 23 reviver will recover to 23% life).
Patch list #87 : 26/03/19
  • Added new revive logs system with factionID records.