Pink Easter Egg

Note: This item currently cannot be obtained. It is unknown if it will return.
Pink Easter Egg #585

Pink Easter Egg is a Booster item that was was released in April 2011. [1] The Pink Easter Egg was found during the annual Easter Egg Hunt, but has not spawned since the 2022 event. It is unknown if or when the Pink Easter Egg will return. It cannot be sold to a store.

All Pink Easter Eggs that existed on 23 March 2023 were converted into the Chocolate Egg, a one-time event that was meant to prevent players from having large stocks of eggs from previous years after their effect was changed. [2]


The Pink Easter Egg currently cannot be obtained. In the past, it was obtained during the Easter Egg Hunt, during which egg icons spawn on-screen. The Pink Easter Egg was added to a player's inventory when its corresponding icon was clicked.

The Pink Easter Egg cannot be obtained through city finds and cannot be traded between players.


It is currently unknown what a Pink Easter Egg will do upon consumption.

Related Awards

Pink Easter Egg related awards
Image Name Requirements
566217580.png Good Friday Exchange all eggs for a gold one in the Easter Egg hunt competition

* A Pink Easter Egg was required for this Honor between 2011 and the end of the 2022 Easter Egg Hunt.

Historical Notes

The Pink Easter Egg was released during the second year of the Easter Egg Hunt. The second year of the event retired eggs being obtained through events in favor of clicking eggs on random pages to obtain them. The Pink Easter Egg gave leveling experience when clicked. [3] The only effect upon consumption was increasing a player's happiness by 50 and booster cooldown by 30 minutes. [4] All colored easter eggs with this effect were converted into Chocolate Eggs on 23 March 2023. 77,391 Pink Easter Eggs were changed to Chocolate Eggs in total. The Pink Easter Egg was also changed from a Candy item to a Booster item the same day.

Image History

Pink Easter Egg Image History
Years Used Image Icon
April 2011 to July 2012 [5] csOCbFL.png 37jnesz.png *
July 2012 to present [6] DDR82NB.png HazDT16.png
30 March 2023 to September 12 2023 [7] A487YtQ.png ** N/A***
September 12 2023 to present [8] 394j6SE.png N/A***

* This Icon was used longer than the main image it was based on, lasting through the 2017 easter Egg Hunt.

** The Pink Easter Egg was not available in the game when this image was in the code, so it was not actually used.

*** Icons were retired after the 2022 Easter Egg Hunt. Eggs now spawn at full size.

Patch History

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