Display Case

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A Display Cabinet can be purchased from the Points Building in exchange for 100 points.

A Display Cabinet allows you to add any Items in your possession for viewing by other players.

Other players can view your Display Cabinet by clicking on the Box icon on a player's profile, or by clicking [Display Case] when on mobile Torn.

Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #153 : 04/08/20
  • Added 10,000 item limit per transaction for Trades, Display Cases and Bazaars to prevent overload issues.
Patch list #138 : 21/04/20
  • Changed manage Bazaar / Display 'Save Changes' panel to appear at the top instead of at the bottom.
Patch list #78 : 22/01/19
  • Enabled display case viewing while travelling.
Patch list #43 : 08/05/18
  • Added grouping of items in display cases with more than 1,000 unique items.