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Forum Rules and Guidelines

  • Obscenity

Excessive swearing or other acts of vulgar actions. Deliberately avoiding filters in place, spacing, images designed to avoid filters, creating inappropriate topics, etc.

  • Flaming

The act of insulting to bring another player down by ridiculing or making fun of the player.

  • Spamming/Flooding/Trolling

The act of multiple posts to boost your post rate or to break another rule. e.g. woot first post, or posting nothing but smileys or profanity, etc. Posting messages off the thread topic, thread hijacking, making posts which have no bearing in the thread it is placed in. Intentionally posting replies to encourage off topic responses. This includes typing nonsense posts that are not legible intentionally.

  • Forum Signatures

Posting offensive material or images, containing sound, etc, are not allowed in your forum signatures. We ask you to keep forum signatures to an approximate pixel size of 600 width x 100 height, or smaller. You may use multiple images but they must remain within the size guidelines given to you. Having large files as forum signatures tremendously slows down the loading time of the pages for other players. Please do not use the auto-play feature on anything you have posted as a signature in the forums.

  • Language

Forums are to be typed in English so that we can moderate them easier. Factions and Companies have private forums which are not moderated. Whilst we do understand that English is not everybody's first language, we cannot moderate other languages adequately. If you require help and cannot speak English well please contact a staff member, and we will try to accommodate that, do not post in your native language if other than English in forums though. There is a large difference in speaking broken English due to it not being the first language and intentionally butchering the language. Please be aware that butchering it on purpose could cost you your forum privileges.

  • Sexual Content

Selling or buying, or attempting to sell or buy "sexual favors" is illegal and will result in punishment. This includes but is not limited to, MSN addresses, email addresses, or any images/videos of yourself.

  • Harassment

The act of harassment is deemed as bringing someone's real life into the game in any form. Posting pictures of another player without permission, real-life information such as address or phone number, etc. This can cost you your account, this is a game, played by characters, please let it remain that way. Do not bring another player's real life into the forums at any point without permission from that said player.

  • Abusing Report functions

The act of sending FALSE reports, flooding the reporter, obscenities flaming, etc. Please do not fear this rule, if you believe something to be against the rules report it.

  • Posting on Behalf of Others

Posting in the forums on behalf of players who are Forum Banned or Fed Jailed will result in punishment. Reposting threads that have been locked and graveyarded can also result in punishment. They are forum banned or in fed jail for a reason and we have taken these privileges from them do not post for anyone but yourself.

  • Violation of Forum Rules

Continued abuse of forum privileges along with the forum ban and ONLY after being warned and banned multiple times and ONLY in extreme circumstances. This is for those who just cannot seem to learn after all other means have been exhausted. We reserve the right to revoke your forum privileges at any time.

  • Abusing Loopholes

Posting through any means other than normal methods given to you in the forums. This includes but is not limited too, posting in forums that are not viewable through normal forum links "Hidden Forums", posting in threads that are locked and any other instance that may be deemed abusing the system. These types of flaws in the system should be reported not abused.

Helpful Links

  • Player Reports

If you feel you have been banned without cause and wish to dispute the ban you can file a player report on yourself by choosing the "Ban Dispute" option in player reports.

You can file the report from your own profile or by clicking here [1].

  • Questions

New to the game? Can't find the answer to something you are looking for? We have a section in the forums just for those questions! Check out the Questions section and see if someone else has asked the same question, you can view answers given by a staff member or another player. If you don't see what you're looking for please make a new thread and ask your question.

Click here to view the Questions section of the forums [2]. You may also find the New Players section helpful, you can view that by clicking here [3].

  • Announcements

This is where Administration will post updates or other important information you should often check this section of the forums to stay informed on the latest happenings in Torn.

You can view Announcements by clicking here [4].

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