Torn's Forums is a location of both public and private discussion under several categories:

  • Closed Groups
  • Torn Related Forums
  • Non - Torn Related Forums

Torn's forums can be found here.

Rules and Guidelines

To protect users, there are social guidelines that must be adhered to avoid an excessively toxic environment. Please see the current rules under Social Violations.

Closed Categories

There are several private categories that help with guarded communication (Faction or Company) or exclusivity (Donator, VIP). While the category is not always open for the user, past posts are open for newcomers to view and interact in, allowing for a refresher on Faction rules or participation in an ongoing Company competition; history isn't an issue.

Several exclusive forums exist as well that can be used for a variety of purposes, whether it would be for fun-and-games or for discussing issues (all with an exclusive audience).

  • Donator Forum - A forum exclusively for those of Donator status
  • VIP Corner - A forum exclusively for those with one thousand positive karma points

Forum Search

The search engine is powered by Sphinx, looking for keywords that are a maximum of 5 words apart at most. A few punctuations can be used to enhance your search:

  • Hyphen/Minus (-) - find posts that do not contain the following word.
    • list safe -crime doesn't contain "crime"
  • Equal Sign (=) - find posts where the following word is exactly this (no plural forms).
    • list safe =crime contains exactly "crime"
  • Circumflex Accent (^) - find posts that begin with the following word
    • list ^beginning crimes begins with "beginning"
  • Dollar Sign ($) - find posts that end with the preceding word
    • list ending$ crimes ends with "ending"
  • Double Less-Than Sign (<<) - find posts with the preceding word preceding the following word
    • one << four << two the word "one" must come before "four", and "four" must come before "two"

More details on the above punctuations can be found at the sphinx documentation depending on what the developer has enabled.

Helpful Links

Player Reports
If you feel you have been banned without cause and wish to dispute the ban you can file a player report on yourself by choosing the "Ban Dispute" option in player reports.
You can file the report from your own profile or by clicking here
New to the game? Can't find the answer to something you are looking for? We have a section in the forums just for those questions! Check out the Questions section and see if someone else has asked the same question, you can view answers given by a staff member or another player. If you don't see what you're looking for please make a new thread and ask your question.
Click here to view the Questions section of the forums. You may also find the New Players section helpful, you can view that by clicking here.
This is where Administration will post updates or other important information you should often check this section of the forums to stay informed on the latest happenings in Torn.
You can view Announcements by clicking here.