Gold Easter Egg

Gold Easter Egg #478
The rarest of all Easter eggs. One can only claim one of these when turning in the ten others; Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, White, Black, Brown, Orange, Pink, and Purple. Provides a very large happiness increase when consumed.
Increases happiness by 250 and booster cooldown by 30 minutes.

Gold Easter Egg is a retired Candy item that was released in April 2010. [1] It was tied with the Birthday Cupcake for the highest Happiness boost from any Candy item.

The 2022 Easter Egg Hunt was the last year the Gold Easter Egg was obtainable. All Gold Easter Eggs were converted into the Chocolate Egg on 23 March 2023. [2]

The Gold Easter Egg was only obtainable an an award for turning in a full set of colored Easter Eggs during the annual Easter Egg Hunt competition. It could not be sold to a store.


The Gold Easter Egg can no longer be obtained. All Gold Easter Eggs that existed were converted into Chocolate Eggs.

Gold Easter Eggs used to be obtained (along with the Good Friday honor and 20 Points) by trading in a set of all ten colored Easter Egg items during the Easter Egg Hunt. This option was retired at the end of the 2022 Easter Egg Hunt.

The Gold Easter Egg was not obtainable through city finds, but was able to be traded between players.


Eating a Gold Easter Egg increased a player's happiness by 250 and increased Booster Cooldown by 30 minutes.

Related Awards

Gold Easter Egg related awards
Image Name Requirements
614179864.png Diabetic Eat 500 bags of candy
566217580.png Good Friday Exchange all eggs for a gold one in the Easter Egg hunt competition

Historical Notes

The number of eggs required to trade for a Gold Easter Egg increased over the years. During the release of the Easter Egg Hunt in 2010, only the six original Easter Eggs (The Blue Easter Egg, Green Easter Egg, Red Easter Egg, Yellow Easter Egg, White Easter Egg, and Black Easter Egg) were required. [3] This number increased to nine in 2011 with the addition of the Brown Easter Egg, Orange Easter Egg, and Pink Easter Egg. [4] The number of Easter Eggs required to exchange for a Gold Easter Egg topped out at ten Easter Eggs in 2021, with the release of the Purple Easter Egg. [5]

33,159 Gold Easter Eggs were in circulation the day colored eggs were converted to Chocolate Eggs.

Image History

Gold Easter Egg Image History
Years Used Image Icon*
April 2010 [6] to July 2012 EXbdLI1.png F5wp39r.png
July 2012 [7] to present fPaGN8s.png QCyaSqr.png

* A miniaturized icon version of the Gold Easter Egg exists but was unused, as Gold Easter Eggs never spawned on pages. [8] to July 2012 It can still be accessed in Torn's public image files here.

Patch History

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