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Got an enemy who you can't beat? Want to put someone in hospital but don't want to waste the energy? Want to earn some merits and make money along the way? If yes to any of those questions, then welcome to the Bounty section of the Torn City Newspaper.

Basic Info

  • Bounties are a reward for hospitalising a player. You can look for bounties to claim in the bounties section of the newspaper.
  • Each player has 10 bounty slots they may fill at one time, which can be done here.
  • Bounties can be placed on any account except for developers, or on staff members for doing their job as a staff member. There is a 50% listing fee, and an optional 50% anonymous listing fee. For example, placing an anonymous $10 bounty would cost $20.
  • Bounties can be claimed whether you are in Torn or abroad, all you have to do is hit the "Attack" button via their profile or "Claim" via the "Bounties" page in the Newspaper. You must hospitalize your enemy to claim a bounty - and you may no longer claim a bounty you have set on someone.
  • A player may have as many bounties as possible put upon them if many people decide to target them as a group; however, unclaimed bounties will expire after 7-days. Bounties can not be bought off, or removed via any other means.

Private Security Firm

If you are in a Private Security Firm, you can exchange 20 job points for 72 hours of bounty protection. This was increased from 48 hours on 14/01/2020 outlined within this announcement.

Cyber Cafe

With the Cyber Cafe 7* special "IP Tracing" it is possible to reveal the placer of an anonymous bounty for job points .

Syscore Stock Benefit

As well as protecting money in your company vault, the Syscore Benefit Block prevents your anonymous bounties being revealed by the Cyber Cafe 7* special "IP Tracing".


Bounties are refunded if the bountied player is placed in Federal Jail.[1]

Related Awards

There are several awards for claiming bounties. These include an honor bar for collecting 250 and earning $10,000,000, and medals that range between collecting 25 and 500.

Take caution when looking for bounties to claim - some strong players may use them to farm defends from unsuspecting players! Be sure to check out their profile and personal stats to make sure you can win the fight.

Historical Notes

  • Prior to 14/02/17[2] bounties had several different restrictions applied. Only 10 bounties could be placed on a user at one time, and each had to be a minimum of $10,000 x target_level. Additionally, bounties could be bought off of a player by another user.

Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #165 : 27/10/20
  • Changed bounty placing to prevent players under 24 hours old placing bounties on players over 14 days old.
  • Changed bounty placing to allow Green Leafs to place bounties on other Green Leafs.
Patch list #127 : 04/02/19
  • Added ability to claim a specific bounty from the newspaper even if it has a lower reward.
Patch list #118 : 19/11/19
  • Added 'Value of received bounties' personal stat.
Patch list #111 : 17/09/19
  • Added exceptions to the bounty block for new players - if they are in a raid / on a territory war wall.
Patch list #109 : 03/09/2019
  • Changed bounty reason to be removed on new bounties if an 'ignore' exists between the players.
Patch list #84 : 05/03/19
  • Added ability to view a user's bounties upon clicking their bounty icon.
Patch list #79 : 29/01/19
  • Added 'Reason' field for Bounties.
Patch list #1 : 20/06/17
  • Added refund functionality for bounty removal upon federal jailing.
Bounty changes : 14/02/17
  • The 10 bounty limit has been moved over to the bounty lister (rather than the bounty receiver).
  • The list of bounties are now condensed, with only one row per target. In cases where multiple bounties are placed on a single target of different rewards and listers, the one with the highest value will be shown.
  • Bounties that you have received or placed will appear at the top of the list, in red or green.
  • You can now place multiple bounties (up to 10) at the same time. The target will receive a single event for multiple listings placed at once.
  • Any reward value can now be used for bounties (even $1).
  • There is now a listing fee of 50% of the reward price. The anonymity fee is an additional 50%.
  • The 'Buy off' feature has been removed.
  • Claiming bounties can now be stealthed.


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