Press Pass


While working in a 10* Television Network, you can exchange 25 job points for a "Press Pass". Your reward is selected randomly from the list below.


Text: While preparing for a documentary on corruption in Torn's police force, you get a few tips from an unnamed officer who wants to get back at their co-workers.

Reward: +Crime XP

Text: You are treated to a free meal at Mc Smoogle's as a reward for mentioning the restaurant in your network's food critic column.

Reward: +300 Energy

Text: For your network's favorable review of Wind Lines Travel, the director of Torn City Airways has granted you a free business class return flight ticket to any destination of your choice.

Reward: Business Class Ticket

Text: During the press event, you make use of the opportunity to network with others in your field, gaining valuable tips and experience.

Reward: +250 to a random working stat

Text: After a press event at the Torn City raceway, a top racing driver takes you around a few of his favorite tracks, sharing with you valuable racing tips and advice.

Reward: +0.5 Racing Skill

Text: After you finish work on the set of Torn's latest erotic feature film, the director gives you an exclusive copy of the material.

Reward: Erotic DVD

Text: An all-expenses-paid trip to the red light district goes badly when you find yourself in Duke's den. When he realizes who you are, he promises to 'help you out' in exchange for you putting in a few good words about his organization.

Reward: +10m max Duke loan

Text: The local bar owners give you some free shots in between takes during filming of a special about Torn's night life.

Reward: +25 nerve

Text: Publicity gained during the press event caught the attention of a high class law firm in Torn. They would like to offer their services to you should you ever find yourself in a tight spot.

Reward: Lawyers Business Card

Text: As a thanks for your co-operation in not exposing rigged blackjack tables, the president of Lucky Shot Casino has presented you with some free passes to their games.

Reward: +100 casino tokens

Text: After you and your co-workers were treated to a rather unsatisfying meal at a local press event, you decide to help yourself to as many napkins as you can carry to at least get something out of it.

Reward: 10 boxes of tissues

Text: Your press pass grants you exclusive access to try a new prototype machine in the gym. After you use the machine, you feel invigorated and barely tired at all.

Reward: +0.25% to a random fighting stat.

Example: If it selected a stat that was currently at exactly 2 billion, you would gain another 5 million to it. Players also refer to this as a "Mini-SE", because it adds a % and becomes more valuable as your stats become higher.

Text: You see an old colleague now working in another TV station at the press event and joke about past times.

Reward: Happiness boost

Text: Your press pass grants you exclusive access to tour the tallest building in Torn, the Royal Penthouse. While you gaze down on the city from its highest point you spot a few objects glistening in the alleyways below and make note of them.

Reward: List of items to be found in city (does not generate new ones)