Torn Docks

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We buy and sell cars! We ship in vehicles from Europe and South Africa for posh Torn residents to buy. Although, surprisingly most of our business comes from buying vehicles and selling them abroad. If you happen to have any cars for sale, please park them next to the crane over there. We'll put cash in your hand then start loading them up on to the ships.

Cars can now be purchased here (some of them could be temporarily out of stock):

Image Name Price
large.png Porsche 911 GT3 $95,000
large.png Audi TT Quattro $85,000
large.png Chevrolet Corvette Z06 $75,000
large.png Subaru Impreza STI $55,000
large.png Ford Focus RS $55,000
large.png Honda S2000 $40,000
large.png Lotus Exige $40,000
large.png Ford Mustang $38,000
large.png BMW X5 $35,000
large.png Seat Leon Cupra $17,500
large.png Alfa Romeo 156 $14,000
large.png Volkswagen Golf GTI $12,500
large.png Renault Clio $11,000
large.png Classic Mini $9,500
large.png Vauxhall Corsa $9,000
large.png Peugeot 106 $8,000

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