Token Shop

The Token Shop is used during annual competitions.

There is a link on the Token Shop page to the City's Calendar


Honor Bars

You can purchase 12 different honor bars. Each comes with a merit to spend.

Honor Name Tokens Needed
Globule 3
Retro 4
Acute 4
Serenity 5
Futurity 6
Constellations 7
Parallel 8
Labyrinth 9
Glimmer 10
Supernova 12
Pepperoni 13
Electric Dream 15

Historical Notes

  • The token shop was released alongside the Easter Event of 2015.
  • Casino tokens were replaced with casino turns upon the release of the token shop. (This wasn't a major edit, just a change of wording)

Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #68 : 06/11/18
  • Released Hairstyles and Backdrops in the Token Shop.


[1] - Easter 2015 Announcement