• Players can purchase hairstyles from the Token Shop for 5 tokens each.
  • They must be purchased at random. You cannot just skip to the one you like the most.
  • Once purchased, it is final and cannot be traded or refunded.
  • There may be more than 8 Hairstyles to unlock.
  • Not all hairstyles may be visible under masks, armor, helmets ect.

Screenshots below (user submitted)

80s_Villain.png unknown.png Cleopatra.png Cyberpunk.png Delicious_Chops.png Glam_Rock.png Ivy_League.png Kawaii_Pwincess.png Microphone.png Mullethawk.png Sidelocks.png Sonic_Boom.png The_Bastard.png The_Depp.png The_Keanu.png The_Kevin.png The_Librarian.png unknown.png The_Vincent.png The_Walrus.png Zef_Ninja_Hair.png unknown.png c73661b017ac7aab286f99d706452a30.png unknown.png

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