Bottle of Green Stout

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Bottle of Green Stout #873
Consisting of nothing more than a glug of Irish stout and copious amounts of toxic green food colouring, this emerald-coloured beverage will give you the supreme confidence of a drunk while also serving to clean out your colon in record time. Provides a very large nerve increase when consumed.
Increases nerve by 5 and booster cooldown by 1 hour.
Sell Price

Bottle of Green Stout is an Alcohol item that may appear during St. Patrick's Day on the city map.

This item can be sold for $80.

Note: Bottle of Green Stout is not beer item and therefore does not benefit from International Beer Day.[1]

Historical Notes

Bottle of Green Stout was released along with new event St. Patricks Day on 16th of March, 2018.

From the newspaper:
Torn city to celebrate new holiday
Green Stout Details Revealed

Patch History

Released in Patch list #