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Torn's Chat is a WebSocket based chat system. It is a place where you can quickly communicate with those who have access to the channel. This system has both private and public options, and while the private version is not actively monitored, all messages are logged and, as necessary, checked for Social Violations. To abate spamming, duplicate messages are automatically blocked.

Rules and Guidelines

To protect users, there are social guidelines that must be adhered to avoid an excessively toxic environment. Please see the current rules under Social Violations.

New Player Chat

New Player Chat is a protected chat area for players under level 13. Players lose access to New Player Chat when:

  • They are above level 13
  • They have played Torn for more than a combined total of 14 days (336 hours)

You can't regain access to NPC intentionally.

Public Chat

There are a variety of different chats that are open to the public, with access revoked and gained as the player's game state changes. The most common chat rooms are Global and Trade. Global chat is used for general discussion and socializing: normal social guidelines apply in this area and no advertising is permitted here. Trade chat, on the other hand, is used only for posting trade advertisements. This chat has a message limit of once per 60 seconds and a 125 character limit per post. Idle conversations are not permitted in Trade chat; repeatedly ignoring this rule can result in warnings or bans from staff.

Other public chats that depend on the player's game state are Hospital, Jail, and various Travel chats. Their access is gained and revoked by "participating" in that activity; while in hospital/jail/traveling access to that channel is granted, and upon leaving hospital/jail/traveling access to that channel is revoked.

Various pseudo private group chats are automatically provided to the player as well. The most common group chats are Faction and Company chats, but Competition and Poker chat can be generated as well. Access to these chats are granted upon joining the Faction/Company/Competition/Poker Table, and revoked upon leaving said group.

Private Chat

Private Chat is a one on one conversation that can be initiated by any player, as long as the receiving player didn't block the sending player or block people that the receiving player hasn't chatted with before. Players can report these chats to staff if content said here violates the social guidelines.


  • The chat system is limited to sending 840 characters max
    • The trade chat has a special limit of 125 characters max
    • Attempting to send 210 Emoji symbols (while under the character limit) exceeds the data limit

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