Ultimate Racing Tournament

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The URT is a semi-annual tournament held at the Race Track, with the winner of the tournament receiving $1 billion dollars, a Bugatti Veyron and a Gold Racing Trophy.

In order to qualify for the URT, players must participate in a series of qualifying races on 4 separate tracks, with the twelve fastest times on each track making it through to the main tournament.

Previous Winners

Year Season URT/PRC winner
2021 Summer URT Salvia [279547] source
2021 Winter URT Storm1968 [1343431] source
2020 Summer URT Bronx [168043] source
2020 Winter URT Hammer [943259] source
2019 Summer URT ChristmasBazaar [1352251] source
2019 Winter URT Nesa [1815556] (Jackpot) source
2018 Summer URT Lindy_Lyson [34977] source
2018 Winter PRC Broly [1613023] source
2017 Summer PRC Stormcast [773244] source


By entering the URT, all qualifiers agree to the public release of their Driver Skill rating. These figures will be automatically acquired and published via a newspaper article.