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Radio was first introduced to Torn in July 2007 [1]. It used to provide a round-the-clock service of music and/or live DJs. Chedburn removed the official radio station from Torn a few years after. Many of the radio staff stayed at the station and made it an independent station called, but this has since been abandoned and is obsolete.


The official radio hosted many events, mainly the Dollar Sale hosted by Body [70242]. The station often held giveaways during the streaming of the station at the DJ's discretion.

The official Radio had its own IRC channel #radio which is no longer accessible by anyone as it has been shut down by staff members. You were able to recognize DJs in this channel by the access level they held. There was also a bot "RadioBot" which enabled you to request a song if a DJ was on air.

The Radio forum was removed and replaced with the Racing forum after the official Torn station shut down.

IRC Radio Stations

Since the dissolution of the Radio many IRC channels took it upon themselves to run a radio station pertaining to that specific channel. These radio stations weren’t officially ran, however, the stations functioned like the official radio without staff intervention.

With the end of IRC, these radio stations have now also been shut down.

Radio Specific Items

The Backstage Pass collectable was created by staff and gave away via the radio channel. There are only 21 in circulation.


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