Halloween Basket : Spooky

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Halloween Basket : Spooky #920
This Spooky Halloween basket can be used to pilfer sweets, booze and energy drinks from your fellow citizens. It is made from 100% Vinyl Chloride, a carcinogen which is known to leech toxic chemicals into liquids and foodstuffs.
Used to gather treats from others.

Halloween Basket : Spooky is a Special item that can be purchased from Sally's Sweet Shop during the Trick or Treat‎‎ event. The item will respawn every five minutes during the event. It is used to gather treats during the annual Trick or Treat event.

The spooky basket is the bottom tier of basket. Tier 1 upgrades are automatically unlocked on the Spooky basket. It will automatically be upgraded to the Halloween Basket : Creepy after a player gathers five treats.

Only one basket can be owned per player.

The Halloween Basket : Spooky cannot be traded between players, sold to a store, or found through city finds.

Historical Notes

The Spooky Basket originally spawned at Sally's Sweet Shop in batches of 100 every 15 minutes. This was deemed too slow and was increased to its current spawn rate.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #