Halloween Basket : Horrifying

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Halloween Basket : Horrifying #1009
This basket looks like it's in pain, and pain is quite horrifying, so I've heard. If you've never felt pain before, why not try stabbing yourself in the arm with a butter knife? Or, alternatively, stab someone else while holding this basket, because you'll get a 35% treat collection bonus if you do!
Used to gather treats from others.

Halloween Basket : Horrifying is a Special item that can only be obtained by upgrading a Halloween Basket : Haunting by getting 1,000 total treats.

It is used to gather treats during the annual Trick or Treat event. The Tier 4 basket upgrades are unlocked when a player obtains a Horrifying basket, meaning all upgrades are available for players holding a Horrifying basket or better.

The Horrifying basket provides a 35% boost to treat collection. It will automatically be upgraded to the Halloween Basket : Petrifying after a player gathers 1,000 additional treats (for a total of 1,940).

A new Halloween Basket : Spooky cannot be purchased when a player possesses a Horrifying basket, as only one basket can be owned per player.

The Halloween Basket : Horrifying cannot be traded between players, sold to a store, or found through city finds.

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