High-Speed Drive

High-Speed Drive #565
This state-of-the-art CD drive can burn CDs faster than any other device on the market. Perfect for creating large volumes of high quality backups.
Improves Bootlegging crime exp & skill gains by 5% and copying speed by 100%.

High-Speed Drive is an Enhancer item that can be found in the city and as a unique result from crimes.

This item cannot currently be sold to any shops in the city.


This item can be found randomly in the city, and as unique results from the following crimes:


When a player has a High-Speed Drive in their inventory, their success rate for the Sell Copied Media Crime is increased if the player is in Crimes 1.0.

If the player is in Crimes 2.0 the High Speed Drive boosts Bootlegging crime experience and skill gains by 5%, and will halve the time required to copy DVDs in the "Copy DVDs" Bootlegging subcrime.

Patch History

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