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The Easter Egg Hunt is an annual competition that runs from noon TC Time (TCT) on 6 April to noon TCT on 12 April. It was released on 1 April 2010. [1] Easter Eggs randomly spawn on-screen during the event and will be added to a player's inventory when clicked.

After a 2023 update, eggs no longer give a benefit when clicked, but will give a powerful boost when eaten from a player's inventory. Eggs are now untradeable and do not expire. [2]


Eggs will appear on-screen during the event and will be added to a player's inventory when clicked. Eggs spawn randomly on pages over the course of the event and will not despawn; any eggs remaining at the end of the event will roll over to next year, but be placed on different pages.

Different eggs have different spawn rates. The Green, Red, and Yellow easter eggs are the most common, followed by the White Easter Egg. Black and Blue eggs are next most common, with Brown and Purple easter eggs being second rarest. The Gold Easter Egg is the rarest.

Eggs cease spawning in the final 24 hours of the event so players will have time to search for eggs they missed. All players will have roughly the same number of eggs spawn, as the spawn rate is no longer based on player activity levels. [3] It is possible for multiple eggs to spawn on the same page.

Frameless A Gold Easter Egg and a Red Easter Egg on a Craps table

Egg Bonuses

Eggs obtained during the event go to a player's inventory and can be used at any time, even when the event is not running. Eggs add six hours to Booster Cooldown when used.

Image Egg Color Bonus [4]
large.png Black Easter Egg Provides money
large.png Blue Easter Egg Increases current life to 3x maximum
large.png Brown Easter Egg Increases all Working Stats by 1%
large.png Gold Easter Egg Increases all Battle Stats by 1%
large.png Green Easter Egg Increases energy by 500
large.png Orange Easter Egg* TBD
large.png Pink Easter Egg* TBD
large.png Purple Easter Egg Increases current Mission credit balance by 25%
large.png Red Easter Egg Increases nerve by 250
large.png Yellow Easter Egg Increases happiness by 10,000
large.png White Easter Egg Halves current drug Addiction

* The Orange and Pink Easter Eggs did not appear in the 2023 Easter Egg Hunt. It is unknown if or when they will return.

Gold Egg

The Gold Easter Egg was previously only obtainable via trading in one of each other colored egg. It now spawns on-screen like any other egg but has the lowest spawn rate. [5]

Historical Notes

The event underwent a major update prior to the start of the 2023 Easter Egg Hunt. Easter Egg Hunts that took place in 2022 or earlier allowed players to exchange a full set of colored eggs for a Gold Egg, the Good Friday honor bar and 20 points. Additional exchanges only gave a Gold Egg and 20 points.

Before the 2023 event, eggs gave their bonuses upon being found. All eggs gave 50 happiness (except the Gold Easter Egg, which gave 250 happinesss) and 30 minutes of booster cooldown. The old bonuses are listed in the table below [6]:

Egg Color Bonus
Blue Easter Egg + $100,000
Green Easter Egg +50 Energy
Red Easter Egg +10 Nerve
Yellow Easter Egg +250 Happiness
White Easter Egg +5 Points
Black Easter Egg + Crime Experience
Brown Easter Egg +100 to random working stat
Orange Easter Egg +50 Casino Tokens
Pink Easter Egg + Experience
Purple Easter Egg +10 Mission Credits

During the first year of the event, eggs were found through events when players visited certain locations pertaining to each egg. [7] The Gold Easter Egg only required the black, blue, green, red, yellow, and white eggs to be obtained in the first year- the brown, orange, and pink eggs were added in the second year in 2011, and the purple egg was the final egg added in 2021.

"invisible" eggs that did not have an image but could be clicked were added early on in the event's history to catch players using illegal scripts that auto-clicked eggs. This has been removed as of 2023. [8]

Frameless A screenshot from 2017 showing a Green Easter Egg on a Forums page

Competition Tokens

In previous years a maximum of 10 Competition Tokens could be won, however this was removed in the 2023 Easter Egg Hunt update. Players' scores were based on how many eggs were found. Entry into the competition was automatic upon finding an egg.

Percent Placement Tokens Earned
90% - 100% +10
80% - 89% +9
70% - 79% +8
60% - 69% +7
50% - 59% +6
40% - 49% +5
30% - 39% +4
20% - 29% +3
10% - 19% +2
1% - 9% +1
0% 0

Patch History

Released in Patch list #

Patch list #282 : 28/03/23
  • Changed all colors of Easter Eggs into Chocolate Egg items
Patch list #187 : 06/04/21
  • Added purple egg to the Easter Egg Hunt which provides +10 mission credits upon pickup.


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