Easter Egg Hunt

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The Easter Egg Hunt is an annual competition.


  • The competition starts on April 5th at 12:00 TCT annually.
  • The competition ends on April 25th at 12:00 TCT.
  • This is optional participation, you are entered once you find your first egg.
    • There are currently no downsides to entering, click every egg you see!


  • During the Easter egg hunt competition, eggs can be found on any page in TORN.
  • Click the Egg to increase your competition score.
  • Occasionally you may notice "Invisible" eggs, that appear to clickable without the image loaded.
    • This is not a bug, they are in place to catch potential cheaters. Ignore it if you see them, you are better not clicking the empty space.

When Found

Once you click on an egg, a few things with happen.

  • It will be added to your inventory.
    • Easter Eggs can either be eaten (for +50 happiness), collected for a gold egg, or sold.
  • It will grant you a specific bonus reward, dependant on the color of the egg. (below)

Gold Egg

  • Only during the Easter Egg's competition, a full set can be exchanged for the unique Gold Easter Egg. The first time a player exchanges a full set for the Gold Egg, they will also receive the Good Friday honor bar and 20 points. Additional exchanges will only give you a Gold Egg and 20 points.

Note: Consuming the colored Easter Eggs gives you +50 happiness, but consuming a Gold Egg gives you +250 happiness. The booster cooldown for consuming any of the Eggs is 30 minutes.

Bonus Rewards

The bonus is received immediately upon picking up the Egg.

Egg Color Bonus
Blue Easter Egg + $100,000
Green Easter Egg +50 Energy
Red Easter Egg +10 Nerve
Yellow Easter Egg +250 Happiness
White Easter Egg +5 Points
Black Easter Egg + Crime Experience
Brown Easter Egg +100 to random working stat
Orange Easter Egg +50 Casino Tokens
Pink Easter Egg + Experience
Purple Easter Egg +10 Mission Credits

Competition Tokens

  • A maximum of 10 Competition Tokens can be won.
  • Your score is the amount of eggs you have. You are automatically entered into the competition when finding your first egg.
Percent Placement Tokens Earned
90% - 100% +10
80% - 89% +9
70% - 79% +8
60% - 69% +7
50% - 59% +6
40% - 49% +5
30% - 39% +4
20% - 29% +3
10% - 19% +2
1% - 9% +1
0% 0

Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #187 : 06/04/21
  • Added purple egg to the Easter Egg Hunt which provides +10 mission credits upon pickup.


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