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A Raid is a type of Faction warfare used for destructive purposes against an enemy faction.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #76

Patch list #138 : 21/04/20
  • Removed automatic 90 day Raid cooldowns (Traded peace treaties will cease & block raids for agreed duration).
Patch list #131 : 03/03/20
  • Added raid score increase upon faction member using a dirty bomb against the target faction.
Patch list #129 : 18/02/20
  • Added the ability to cease a raid as loser if it's inactive for more than 72 hours (instead of automatic finish).
Patch list #128 : 11/02/20
  • Added 10 member requirement for declaring a raid
  • Added option to cease a raid after 24 hours if the opponent faction has less than 10 members.
Patch list #91 : 23/04/19
  • Added the ability for co-leaders to cease raids or request surrender.
Patch list #80 : 05/02/19
  • Added available members and targets tooltips to the raid war box.
Faction Destruction, Raiding & Dirty bombs : 08/01/19
  • During a raid, attacks will cause 100% damage rather than 25%, but produce no respect, only destruction.
  • There is no way to end a raid without the faction in the lead ceasing it or the other faction's destruction.
  • The faction with the lowest raid score can surrender. This will not end the raid unless the other faction accepts and ceases it.
  • After ceasing a raid, the two factions cannot raid each other again for 90 days.
  • Full stats and graphs are available after completing a raid within the raid report, like in territory warring.
  • A faction cannot have an existing chain before starting a raid, it will be forced into a cooldown state. Chains can be used to their fullest extent after the raid has started.
Patch list #76 : 08/01/19
  • Released Raiding.

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