Recruit Status

A Recruit is a member of a Faction or Company that has been accepted within the last 72 hours. Their access and permissions within said faction or company are severely limited in this duration.


As a recruit, you will be placed under several restrictions for three days until you are a full member or employee.[1]


  • You will not have access to faction special branches, such as Toleration.
  • You will not be able to participate in any Wars, including Chains.

Note: once your recruit status ends and you become a full member, you can participate in ongoing wars and chains!

  • You cannot be assigned a position, and thus cannot be given permissions.

Note: this includes Leader, meaning you cannot trade a faction during Recruit status.

  • You cannot cause respect damage in a Raid, however you can receive damage from the opposing faction.
  • You cannot contribute towards faction challenges.


  • You cannot use any job specials.
  • You cannot be trained.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #151

Patch list #187 : 06/04/21
  • Added green recruit status variant of the Company icon.
  • Changed 3 day company restriction for specials & training to a 72 hour recruit status like factions.
Patch list #166 : 06/04/21
  • Added timer to hover-over tooltip of personal Faction Recruit icons
Patch list #151 : 21/07/20
  • Released faction positions system
  • Added forced 'Recruit' position for 72 hours after joining a faction
Upcoming faction changes
  • During this initiation period, the member's faction icon will appear in green, and they will see certain restrictions upon joining their new faction:
    • Recruits cannot be changed to any other position (I.e. cannot be given permissions).
    • Recruits cannot benefit from any of the faction's tree specials.
    • Recruits cannot participate in chains (their attacks will not contribute).
    • Recruits cannot participate in organised crimes (they cannot be selected during planning).
    • Recruits cannot join territory walls.
    • Recruits cannot cause any respect damage in raids (but can receive damage as normal).
    • Recruits cannot contribute towards score in the upcoming ranked warfare system.
    • Recruits cannot achieve War Bonus or the Default x3 Fair Fight bonus.
  • After the 72-hour period ends, a Recruit’s position is automatically changed to the faction's default position, and all restrictions are lifted.


  1. Chedburn, Patch list #151 (21/07/20).

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