Love Juice

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Love Juice #870
Made from the secretions of the Patagonian Filth Weasel, Love Juice is a fast acting aphrodisiac - or so it says on the label. In reality, this product is known to be useless, unless you are exposed to a large cloud of human reproductive pheromones, in which case it will make you angry, hyperactive and strangely Samaritan.
Reduces attack & revive energy cost by 10. Increases Speed by 50% and Dexterity by 25%.
Only works during the Valentine's day event.

Love Juice is a Drug item that is impossible to Overdose on. Love Juice can only be found during the Valentines Day event (Feb 13th 12:00 TCT - Feb 15th 12:00 TCT), but can be traded between players.


  • Reduces cost of attacking and reviving by 10 E
  • 50% to Speed
  • 25% to Dexterity
  • You will gain 50 addiction points per love juice used (that's without toleration special in place)
  • Effects will last between 5 - 8 hours


  • You can only take Love Juice during the Valentines Day event (Feb 13th 12:00 TCT - Feb 15th 12:00 TCT)
    • However the effects of love juice will last for the length of the cooldown, even if they are outside these hours
  • As a drug, Love Juice can only be taken when you have no drug cooldown.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #

Love Juice Potency Reduced
  • Love Juice will only provide a reduction of 10 energy when attacking or reviving.
Patch list #128 : 11/02/20
  • Changed Valentine's Day Love Juice event to also reduce reviving costs by -15 energy