Annual Competition

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Annual Competitions are special competition events that occur once per year, involving the entire playerbase.


Most competitions start on the 5th of the month at 17:00 TCT, and run until the 25th at 17:00 TCT of the same month, however there are exceptions to this, namely Elimination, Trick or Treats & Christmas Town.

You can also see all events & competitions on the calendar page


This is a list of the competitions in Torn that occur every year and when they are scheduled. A description of their rules and more detailed information can be found on each competition's individual pages, listed below. Ched has posted in announcements that he eventually plans to have a competition running every month.

Month Competition
January None
February None
March None
April Easter Egg Hunt
May None
June None
July None
August None
September None
October Trick or Treat
November None
December Christmas Town

Past Winners

You can see the past winners for all competitions in the Community Center

See Also

Past competitions

These are some of the competitions that are no longer repeated annually.

Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #328 : 05/03/24
  • Removed '24h before event start' restriction upon attempting to change event time slots
Patch list #327 : 27/02/24
  • Added four new event start time slots to the calendar page: 15:15, 15:30, 15:45 and 16:00
Event time slots - Choose your event start time! : 20/02/24
  • To improve Torn's performance during high-activity periods, we've staggered the starting times of most events for all users. Rather than beginning at exactly 12:00 TCT, each player has been assigned a random time slot between 10:00 TCT and 15:00 TCT in 15-minute increments. Your end times have also been adjusted accordingly, ensuring that everyone will always receive the same 48-hour event duration.
  • The following events will use the new time slot system:
    • Valentine's Day
    • St Patrick's Day
    • Easter Egg Hunt
    • 420 Day
    • Museum Day
    • World Blood Donor Day
    • World Population Day
    • World Tiger Day
    • International Beer Day
    • Tourism Day
    • CaffeineCon
    • Trick or Treat
    • World Diabetes Day
    • Slash Wednesday
    • Christmas Town