The Notebook is a Donator only feature which enables you to "save your notes and come back to them later."

Initially there was only one notebook, however, with a suggestion (by bogie) from the suggestions forum, the notebook was updated to have five different notebooks, therefore enabling you to store more information over multiple notebooks.


  • It can be seen in the lower right side of the page, with a pencil icon.
  • It is available to Donators only. If you lose donator status, it can reappear unchanged when you re-activate it.
  • You can make infinite number of notes (pages).
  • It can be enlarged by clicking on the 'enlarge' icon.
  • You can name/rename any note (page) any time for any number of times.
  • Unlike chat box, when you open notebook on a single torn page, other torn pages won't load it automatically.


  • You can not access your notes when your donator/subscriber status runs out.
  • You can not group the notes.
  • Very long notes may sometime show glitches, so advised to use multiple notes rather than single one.
  • Unlike chat box, when you refresh the page when the notebook is open, the notebook automatically closes.


  • "Staff see notes" can be shown as a reason to fed a player, but it has no relation to notebook.