Medium Arms Cache

Medium Arms Cache #1121
Medium Arms are defined as being neither Small Arms nor Heavy Arms, but something in between. This Medium Arms cache therefore contains armaments that are not light enough to be stuffed in your waistband, but nor must they be mounted on a tripod. Don't blame me if this description doesn't make sense. Open it up and see for yourself if you care that much.
Supply Pack

Medium Arms Cache is a Supply Pack item that was released 7 December 2021. It is one of the Caches that can be obtained as a purchase from Big Al's Bunker or as a reward for a faction participating in Ranked Warring. A Medium Arms Cache will appear in a faction's Armory when awarded at the conclusion of a ranked war. The contents of a Cache will automatically be placed in the faction's armory upon being opened from the armory (or placed in a player's inventory if opened from an inventory.)

The Medium Arms Cache cannot be sold to a store and cannot be obtained through city finds.


Opening a Medium Arms Cache will give the player a single Rifle or Shotgun of Yellow, Orange, or Red quality that will have at least one Weapon Bonus. Yellow quality weapons are the most common, with Orange being rarer and Red weapons being the rarest.

Medium Arms Caches can contain the majority of Rifle and Shotgun weapons.

Rifle and Shotgun weapons that cannot be obtained from a Medium Arms Cache:

Definitive list of weapons that can be obtained from a Medium Arms Cache

Item Image Classification
AK-47 large.png Rifle
ArmaLite M-15A4 Rifle large.png Rifle
Benelli M1 Tactical large.png Shotgun
Benelli M4 Super large.png Shotgun
Blunderbuss large.png Shotgun
Enfield SA-80 large.png Rifle
Heckler & Koch SL8 large.png Rifle
Ithaca 37 large.png Shotgun
Jackhammer large.png Shotgun
M16 A2 Rifle large.png Rifle
M4A1 Colt Carbine large.png Rifle
Mag 7 large.png Shotgun
Sawed-Off Shotgun large.png Shotgun
SIG 552 large.png Rifle
SKS Carbine large.png Rifle
Steyr AUG large.png Rifle
Tavor TAR-21 large.png Rifle
Vektor CR-21 large.png Rifle
XM8 Rifle large.png Rifle

Full List of Rifle and Shotgun weapons unobtainable from Medium Arms Caches

Item Image Classification
Gold Plated AK-47 large.png Rifle
Homemade Pocket Shotgun large.png Shotgun
Nock Gun large.png Shotgun
Prototype large.png Rifle
SIG 550 large.png Rifle

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