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Every weapon in Torn comes with multiple stats associated - each have a unique Damage and Accuracy value, each weapon of the same kind has a Stealth rating, and you can start to earn Weapon Experience if you have completed the CBT3870 Bachelor of Military Arts and Science.

Every weapon in Torn comes with an unique internal Damage and Accuracy value. The basics of these values, and their calculus, are outlined below. This section will be updated when everything is fully understood.


The Quality (displayed as a percentage value) that each weapon displays is essentially a combination of the weapon's Damage and Accuracy, with a score that reflects the range of its potential in each stat. 50% of the weight is assigned to Damage and 50% to Accuracy.

  • For example: A weapon has a Damage value range between 30.00 and 35.00, and an Accuracy value range between 50.00 and 55.00. If there is a listing for this weapon that has 32.00 Damage (a 40 percentile in the value range) and 54.50 Accuracy (a 90 percentile in the value range), then this weapon would have a Quality rating of 65%.


The Damage stat represents how much damage you will be able to deal to an opponent.

The Damage weapon stat is simply a multiplier used in the calculation of damage you deal in a fight. Fists have a multiplier of 10.00 - so a weapon with a multiplier of 50.00 will do 5x as much damage assuming no other modifiers.


The Accuracy stat is a measure of your hit chance (%) facing an opponent whose dexterity is equal to your speed.

  • For example: if you have 1,000,000 speed and your opponent has 1,000,000 dexterity, using a 60.00 Accuracy weapon will allow you to hit this opponent 60% of the time.

The Displayed Accuracy value represents a "hit chance" modifier. Displayed Accuracy is calculated as 50% (base accuracy) + hit-chance-modifier.

  • For example: a weapon with a Displayed Accuracy value of 60.00 is 50% base value + (+10%) hit-chance-modifier, and a weapon with a Displayed Accuracy value of 35.00 is 50% base value + (-15%) hit-chance-modifier.

The effectiveness of this hit-chance-modifier is dependent upon your basic hit chance, a weighted ratio calculated using your Speed versus your opponent's Dexterity. When your basic hit chance is 50%, the hit-chance-modifier is maximally effective. When your basic hit chance is 0% or 100%, the hit-chance-modifier is minimally (0%) effective.

Weapon Experience

To unlock Weapon Experience, you must complete CBT3870 Bachelor of Military Arts and Science.

Once you have the ability to earn weapon experience, every damaging hit you make with a certain weapon will contribute a small amount of experience toward that weapon. It takes approximately 2,000 damaging hits to go from 0 to 100% XP.[1]

A weapon with 100% earned experience will provide you with a 10% boost to Damage, and a +2 bonus to Accuracy.

You will receive the bonus to Damage and Accuracy gradually as you increase Weapon XP, rather than all at once. I.e. 50% XP will provide a 5% boost to Damage and +1 bonus to accuracy.


There are many factors that contribute to whether you can stealth a successful attack or not; one of these is a weapons stealth rating. The exact formula is unknown, but the higher the stealth rating on your weapon, the more likely it is that your successful attacks will be anonymous.

Historical Notes

  • Before the second Accuracy rebuild, Accuracy acted as a multiplier to ones speed, increasing the speed to dexterity ratio and therefore increasing a players hit chance.
  • The "Quality" rating was introduced with the 14/01/20 Patch List, after being first announced in the this announcement on 26/01/18.