Radiation is an effect that causes a debuff to your battle stats.

When you have some amount of "radiation time" left (similar to a drug cooldown, although you can't view your radiation time directly), your stats will be reduced by a percentage dependent on how long this is.

Radiation Time

Every 7 hours and 16 minutes of radiation time will result in a 1% battle stat debuff. This seems like an arbitrary number but works out to a 100% debuff being equal to approximately a month of radiation time!

Radiation time is simply reduced by the passage of time. Every second that passes reduces your radiation time by one second.

Medical Items

  • If you are hospitalised due to "Radiation Poisoning" from a Dirty Bomb detonation, or Dirty Bomb construction, you cannot use regular medical items to reduce your hospital time. Only Neumune Tablets will work.
  • If you are hospitalised using a weapon with the "Irradiate" bonus, regular medical items will work to reduce your hospital time.
  • If you self-hospitalise using a Blood Bag: Irradiated item, you will receive some radiation time. However, regular medical items will not reduce your hospital time.
  • Neumune Tablets can only be used when you have some radiation time. This item will reduce your radiation time by 12 hours, as well as 3 hours of hospital time.
  • Although the radiation time reduction of the neumune tablet is unaffected by medical effectiveness bonuses from education and the fortitude faction upgrade tree, the hospital time reduction is affected by them, resulting in a maximum hospital time reduction of 4.5 hours.

Irradiate (Weapon Bonus)

Some weapons can spawn the Irradiate Weapon Bonus. This bonus will apply some radiation time to a player if the weapon is used for the final hit.

The baseline amount of radiation time provided by a Yellow Irradiate weapon is 1 hour.

Dirty Bombs

If a Dirty Bomb lands on your faction you will receive between 21 - 30 days of radiation time. [1]

If a Dirty Bomb detonates on another faction while you are online, there is a random chance for you to receive an unspecified amount of radiation time.

While in hospital with radiation poisoning from a dirty bomb, players are unable to use any kind of Drug.

Hazmat Suits

Wearing a Hazmat Suit will protect you from the radiation effects of a Dirty Bomb detonation, and the Irradiate weapon bonus, but will not protect you from the use of Irradiated blood bags.