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Game Console #104
This Game Console is a generic gaming device exclusive to Torn City, and was made from parts cannibalized from an Xbox, PlayStation, and a Sega Saturn. Game Consoles are unique in that they actually bring people happiness when they put effort into them, unlike careers, relationships, or children.
Sell Price

Game Console is an Special item that can be found as city find.

This item can be sold for $200 at Super Store.


Listening to a Game Console converts energy to happiness. There is no usage cooldown and there are three different options for how much energy is to be used.

Game Console Usage [1]
Action Energy Used Happiness Gained
Quick Game 1 energy 12-18 Happiness
Casual Game 3 Energy 42-63 Happiness
Hardcore Game 5 Energy 80-120 Happiness

The Game Console is an option to spend extra energy that is not divisible by five or ten which would otherwise be unused. These bits of energy can be obtained from drinking energy drinks while in a faction that has the energy drink perk in the Voracity branch, use of Book : Higher Daddy, Higher!, or from using the one or three energy options on an MP3 Player, CD Player, Television, or Game Console.

Using the Game Console is optimal only for players with extremely low battle stats. If a player uses the Game Console, the 5 energy "Hardcore Game" gives the most happiness per energy spent.


Game Console can be found from following crimes:


The "Gamer" 5* special at both Toy Shops and Game Shops passively boosts happiness gained via the Game Conmsole by 100%, doubling its output.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #197

New item categories: Tools & Materials : 01/04/2024
  • Change Game Console from Electronic item to Special item.

Patch list #197 : 22/06/2021

  • Merged Playstation, Xbox and Xbox 360 items into a single Game Console item
  • Increased happiness provided by Game Consoles and provided 1 energy, 3 energy and 5 energy options