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Territories are faction controlled city blocks located on the Torn city map. While a city block is controlled by a faction, they give a small amount of daily respect. To claim a territory, Factions first must make their presence known in the outskirts of the city (sector 7). From there, Factions can claim and assault adjacent blocks.


The city map becomes a vital part of the territory update. If you click on the city, it will now show you the territories your faction owns as well as other nearby territories. Territories occupied by a faction are shaded with a random predetermined color, while unclaimed territories appear gray. If you want to see the entire territory map, there is a toggle switch below the map to enable this.

To see further details on a territory, clicking on a territory brings up an interface with the following details:

  • Name - The ID of the territory
  • Sector - The zone the territory is in
  • Size - Overall size of the territory.
  • Density - What exists inside the territory. (e.g. buildings, empty)
  • Slots - How many player slots the territory has for territory war.
  • Daily respect - The amount of respect the territory generates per day if held by a faction.

If the territory is currently being assaulted, the interface will also display basic war information, like how many people are participating and how close it is to victory.

In your faction there is also a new tab called Territory you can click on, this will display a zoomed-in version of the map, with only your faction highlighted and some additional information at the side. Faction news regarding your territories should also be listed there.

Territory Warfare

When a territory is assaulted, a wall will appear, the size of which depends on the type of territory (between 5 and 30). This wall will automatically populate with the strongest available defenders from the defending faction.

To knock people off of the wall, you must remove them by forcing them from the 'Okay' status (i.e. hospital or jail). If you are not initially on the wall when you knock someone off via combat, you automatically replace the opponent. If you are on the wall when you knock someone off via combat, you reserve the spot for your faction members for 60 seconds (the opposing faction can't jump back onto the spot). Anyone can see a faction's wall, but outside interference leaves emptied slots reserved to the victim faction for 60 seconds.

If a spot is empty you can also join that at a cost of 5 energy.

Every second a user spends on the wall provides a score of 1 for their faction - for the assaulting faction, this will go towards a goal of 50,000 * wall slots (between 250,000 and 1,500,000), for defenders this will reduce the overall score back towards 0. If the score goal is not obtained by the assaulting team within 72 hours the territory assault will fail [source].

To forcibly end an assault, peace treaties can be used to settle the assault as a truce, this is done through trading between the two Faction's leader.

You must have at least 10 members to assault or claim territory, and room in your faction upgrades to do so. Multiple different territories can be under your assault.


Factions can control a certain amount of territories based on their faction upgrades (up to 30). While the territory is under a faction's control, they gain a small amount of daily respect, depending on the territory stats.

Main article: Rackets

If the territory is a Territory Racket, it also supplies a daily resource to the faction (with its daily respect). Rackets spawn at Level 1 and will occasionally level up or down between Level 1 and Level 5 (maximum). If a Racket de-levels below Level 1 it will despawn from the map.


  • Territory wars have a max duration of three days
  • The fastest time you can claim victory on a territory is 14 hours.

Historical Notes

  • Patch list #122 : 17/12/2019 - Added territory cooldown data to the territory tooltip on the City Map
  • Patch list #121 : 10/12/2019 - Removed an old territory war cooldown (7 days) when claiming an available territory
  • Patch list #119 : 26/11/2019:
    • Added system to prevent members from joining a territory wall if they joined the faction after the war started
    • [API] Added raid and territory war information to 'faction' > 'basic' selection
  • Patch list #111 : 17/09/2019 - Added exceptions to the bounty block for new players - if they are in a raid / on a territory war wall
  • Patch list #110 : 10/09/2019:
    • Added territories count & link to see them on the map to faction profiles
    • Changed full map mode to become enabled when attempting to use the territory tools on the city map
  • Patch list #109 : 03/09/2019 - Released Territory Rackets
  • Patch list #84 : 05/03/2019 - Changed territory wall removal to be upon receiving hospital time rather than defeat before selection option
  • Patch list #78 : 22/01/2019 - Changed territory war cooldown system to prevent 'deadlocks' new system
  • Patch list #71 : 27/11/2018 - [API] Added territorynews, chainnews and crimenews selections to faction category
  • Patch list #48 : 19/06/2018 - Added territory war 'assaulting / defending' icon
  • Patch list #39 : 03/04/2018 - Added ability to join territorial war from faction profile page
  • Attacking respect & Chaining 2.0 released - War attacks: Any war-related attack (such as removing a target during a territorial war) will yield a x2 bonus.
  • Patch list #3 : 04/07/2017 - Added territorial war arrow animation to the wall
  • Patch list #2 : 27/06/2017 - Released changes to territory warring system:
    • No more energy cost simply for joining a wall.
    • The two individual faction walls have been merged into a single one, fought over by both factions.
    • All slots on the single wall are open to either faction involved.
    • Successful attacks on opponents that are on the wall result in you replacing them.
    • Removing opponents from the wall while you're on it will reserve that slot for your faction for 60 seconds.
    • Outsider attacks result in a short slot cooldown of 60s, during which it can be reclaimed by faction.
    • Territory wall view is now available to outside spectators again.
    • The amount of available wall slots varies depending on territory size, between 5 and 30.
    • Score requirement for winning depends on the number of slots (50,000 per slot).
    • At the beginning of a war, the strongest available defenders will be auto-joined.
    • Users on the wall now have their points gained during that session displayed.
    • Users on the wall now have their icons displayed (on desktop).
    • Slots now have a set order which doesn't change.
  • Territories Beta - War mechanic changes - 'tug of war' style
  • Territories Beta - Challenge - Conceding was disabled during the beta, due to an easy form of abuse, so once you're in a fight for territory there is no way to back out!
  • Territorial Warfare & Upgrade trees - Details - Details of the territory war to come
  • Territory - Open beta - Limited mechanics, primarily testing the map itself and the activity levels to follow