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A Racket is a criminal enterprise that will spawn on random Territories across the map, each supplying a daily resource to the faction in control of said territory. Rackets spawn at Level 1 and will occasionally level up or down between Level 1 and Level 5 (maximum). If a Racket levels down at Level 1 it will despawn from the map.

Racket Types

Different types of Rackets will supply different types of resources. Every successive level of racket will double the supplied resource.

Racket Type Supply Daily Output (Level 1 - Level 5)
Illegal Casino Cash $25,000,000 - $400,000,000
Money Launderer Cash $10,000,000 - $160,000,000
Protection Racket Cash $5,000,000 - $80,000,000
Point Broker Points 500 - 8,000
Street Surgeon Medical or Pharmaceutical Items M: 25 - 400 or P: 5 - 80
Bordello Erotic DVDs 5 - 80
Arms Dealer Temporary Items* 25 - 400
Drugs Lab Drugs 25 - 400
Cannabis Factory Cannabis 25 - 400
Truck Stop Energy Cans 10 - 160
Bootleg Distillery Alcohol (Moonshine) 10 - 160

*These do not include Pharmaceutical booster needles such as Serotonin.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #109

Patch list #281 : 21/03/23
  • Changed territory rackets to avoid producing goods if the faction does not have the relevant armory
Racket adjustments 2020
  • Racket asset values are now limited depending on what sector they're in.
  • There's now a more or less equal chance for a racket to spawn in any sector. So every sector should end up with a fairly even amount of rackets.
  • When a racket change is triggered, there was previously a 60% chance of a downgrade and a 40% chance of an upgrade. This is now 50/50, meaning rackets are just as likely to upgrade as they are to downgrade, resulting in more higher levelled rackets.
  • Racket spawn frequency has been increased. This will ensure the total daily output remains at around $6b, but across 160-180 rackets instead of the current 120.
  • Low value rackets can now spawn in sector 7.
Patch list #164 : 20/10/20
  • Release changes to rackets which will ensure higher quality / density towards the center.
Patch list #131 : 03/03/20
  • Changed visibility of rackets on the city map to only show if the territory is also shown / loaded.
Territory Rackets
  • Rackets are criminal enterprises which occasionally spawn on random territories. *The faction which has ownership of the territory will earn a daily resource depending on the racket's type and level.
  • Rackets always spawn on level 1 and will level up or down over time.
  • If a level 1 racket levels down, it will disappear entirely.
  • Every additional racket level added constitutes a doubling of the resource it provides.
  • It's expected there will be over 100 rackets generated in total. It will take a number of weeks before they start levelling up.
Patch list #109 : 03/09/2019
  • Released Territory Rackets
Patch list #99 : 25/06/2019
  • First instance of development notes for "Territory hotspots"