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Gasoline #172
Capable of storing five gallons of pure liquid warehouse repellent, this gas can is made from lightweight plastic, making it easy to transport across the city to your destination of choice. In the United States, gas cans are color coded, with yellow containing diesel, blue holding kerosene, and red ones like this used to store gasoline. But since this is Torn City, you can safely assume that this gas can contains a mixture of all three plus urine.
Used in the burning disposal method.
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Gasoline is a Material item that can be purchased from and sold to Bits 'n' Bobs and can also be found as a city find.

It is required for the Disposal crime when attempting to burn an object.


Gasoline can be bought at Bits 'n' Bobs for $95, found randomly through city finds, and as a result from the following crimes:

Search For Cash





Having Gasoline in a player's inventory is required for the burning disposal method.

One unit of Gasoline is consumed for each attempt at burning an object. Five units will be consumed instead when burning a Dead Body.

Historical Notes

You used to be able to buy a Gasoline(previously known as Gas Can) for 100 points. This was removed on May, 23rd 2017.

Gasoline used to be part of Subscriber Reward as well.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #332

New item categories: Tools & Materials : 01/04/24
  • The following item names have been changed so they fit better within their new categories: Gas Can -> Gasoline