Dog Tags

 Note: This competition was discontinued in 2023, it's not known whether this is ever coming back.

Dog Tags is an annual competition.


  • The competition starts on May 10th at 12:00 TCT.
  • The competition ends on May 19th at 12:00 TCT.
  • It is forced participation, meaning that everyone is given a dog tag.
  • New players keep their New Player Protection during the competition
    • Newbie players can steal tags from other newbie players.
    • Once the New Player Protection is gone, the same rules apply to them as everyone else.
  • If your tag is stolen, you can find out who currently owns it on the Dog Tags competition page.


  • During the competition players start with a single Dog Tag, the points of which depend on the player's Torn level at the start of the competition.
    • If you level during the competition, your tag is unaffected.
  • The objective is to attack other players for a chance to steal their dog tag.
  • Your personal dog tag remains unstealable until you have made 3 attacks unless your account has been inactive for two weeks.
  • You may only gain a maximum of 1 dog tag per attack. You are guaranteed a dog tag when defeating an opponent if they have one.
  • Assists now have a 25% chance of providing a Dog Tag.
  • If you defeat a player who you haven't attacked within six hours you are guaranteed to receive one of their ten best tags.
  • If you defeat a player who you have attacked within six hours you are guaranteed to receive their worst tag.
  • If the player you defeat has your dog tag you are guaranteed to receive it back as a priority.
  • You can choose to return dog tags back at any time to their original owners. If you choose to attempt to sell back players dog tags, there is no safe trade for this.
  • Returned tags are locked until the owner has made three attacks after it has been returned.

Stealing Tags

  • Each attack type (mug, hospitalize, leave) on another player during the competition gives you a 100% chance to steal a Dog Tag that player possesses.
    • Inactive players appear to give up their tags at a much higher rate, but the chance is never 100%
    • There are no known items or perks that increase a chance to steal a tag.
  • Every player who at any point had possession of the tag is listed when you hover over it

Point Values

  • Each tag can have different point values. Above level 1, the value is half the level rounded up to the nearest multiple of 5 (the lowest of a range is also rounded up so for example both 20 and 21 would be a +15 tag), with the exception of level 100s who have a +75 tag, and staff members who are given +100 tags.
  • Your own tag is worth 2x more to yourself.
  • If a tag is stolen, it adds +1 to the tag value.

The only exception to this is after having returned it to it's owner, re-stealing it immediately will not add a point.

  • If your own tag is stolen and you reacquire it, the 2x bonus applies to the base value only, not the additional value provided by previous owners.
Level Status Tag Score
Any NPC +100
Any Staff +100
100 Player +75
90-99 Player +50
80-89 Player +45
70-79 Player +40
60-69 Player +35
50-59 Player +30
40-49 Player +25
30-39 Player +20
20-29 Player +15
10-19 Player +10
2-9 Player +5
1 Player +1


There are 2 honors for participating in Dog Tags.

  • KIA is awarded for getting 50 tags.
  • Departure is awarded for getting 250 tags.
    • The moment you reach the desired tag amount, it will trigger. You do not have to wait until the end of the competition.
    • This was a change made in the first year running the current format (2015).

Competition Tokens

  • A maximum of 10 Competition Tokens can be won.
  • Your score is the combination of all your dog tag values added together. Then your score is compared to everyone else in the competition to give your percent placement.
  • Only the person in first place will be shown 100%. If you are 2nd, or any top placement, you will see 99%.
Percent Placement Tokens Earned
90% - 100% +10
80% - 89% +9
70% - 79% +8
60% - 69% +7
50% - 59% +6
40% - 49% +5
30% - 39% +4
20% - 29% +3
10% - 19% +2
1% - 9% +1
0% 0

Competition Prizes

  • Additional Prizes for the players with the top 25 points:
    • 1st place wins a Gold Dog Tag item.
    • 2nd place wins a Silver Dog Tag item.
    • 3rd place wins a Bronze Dog Tag item.
    • 4th-25th place wins a Metal Dog Tag item.

Historical Notes

  • Previously competitions have started and finished at 17.00 TCT. This was changed in 2018.
  • Prior to 2022, your personal tag was worth 10x as many points to yourself, instead of 2x.
  • Due to technical errors during the 2022 event, the Dog Tags event was rescheduled to take place in June of that year.
Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #282 : 28/03/23
  • Changed the Dog Tags event on the calendar back to its original month of May
Patch list #246 : 05/07/22
  • [API] Added 'position' value to show placement in the Dog Tags competition to 'user' -> 'profile' selection
Patch list #245 : 28/06/22
  • Improved the filters that determine who appears in the Easy Pickings panel
  • Changed the requirements to unlock your own tag to require tag thefts rather than simply attacks
  • Removed timed cache from the Leaderboard page
  • Removed Event received every time you steal a tag (not only assists)
  • Removed vertical dividers between each tag from the Collection panel
  • Fixed issue with score view on Profiles when user's tag was stolen by someone else
  • Fixed empty list issue on Easy Pickings panel
  • Fixed dog tag score appearing on the Profiles of users who were fedded
  • Fixed tooltip appearing in the wrong position when hovering over Superiors
  • Fixed inactive players appearing within the Superiors panel
  • Fixed status column on the Leaderboard failing to show the correct status
  • Fixed losses removing the 'green status' of a target for 6 hours (only wins do now)
  • Fixed a player's own unavailable locked tag occasionally preventing other tags from being stolen
  • Fixed names and tags appearing on the panels and leaderboard when honor bar names are off
  • Fixed 550 error for some players because of a memory issue due to too many potential superiors
  • Fixed special mission Attacking outcomes failing to display a dog tag that was also taken
Patch list #Dog Tags 2022 has now begun : 20/06/22
  • Everyone has been assigned a personalized Dog Tag which is initially scored based on their level and status. Once the competition begins, your tag's value can increase based on how many individuals have previously possessed it.
  • Citizens online within the last two weeks will be required to steal three Dog Tags to unlock theirs. Until this happens, their tag is invulnerable and provides no score.
  • Dog Tags returned to their original owners will also require three more tags to be stolen in order to unlock them again.
  • Defeating a target guarantees you one of the Dog Tags from their collection if they have any. If you've not attacked them recently (within 6 hours) you'll get one of their 10 best tags; otherwise, you'll get their worst one.
  • Assisting in a group attack also provides a 25% chance of receiving one of the opponent's tags, under the same rules above.
  • Three new panels on the competition page provide you with potential targets to attack, as well as show you exactly who has your tag if it's been stolen.
  • Live scores are now shown on profiles to encourage more action, teamwork, and competitive behavior, instead of anti-social hiding and secrecy throughout the event.
  • A leaderboard now shows the top 25 participants with the highest total Dog Tag scores.
Patch list #242 : 07/06/22
  • the Dog Tags event is now scheduled to begin on the 20th June at 12:00 TCT. We have been making additional changes to the mechanics in order to take the major focus away from the very beginning of the event, so it won't be essential for you to be online at this time in order to compete. This also means if the event does somehow fail to open exactly on time in the future, it's not necessarily the end of the world.
Patch list #239 : 17/05/22
  • Changed the graphic for Dog Tag's KIA honor bar to a new cleaner variant
Dog Tags 2022 cancelation and rescheduling : 16/05/22
  • After two consecutive failures to open the Dog Tags event on time, we've decided to postpone it. We will likely reschedule it to occur next month in late June. This will give us time to review and rebuild the competition engine as required to reduce the chance of these accidents happening, as well as potentially make more changes to the Dog Tags event itself.
Patch list #235 : 19/04/22
  • Changed the Dog Tags event to commence on the 15th of May and end on the 25th of May (10 day duration)
Patch list #233 : 05/04/22
  • Changed Dog Tag items, Medal of Honor, Deputy Star, Rosary Beads and Rosettes to be equippable
Patch list #195 : 08/06/21
  • Changed Dog Tags competition to begin in May instead of November
Patch list #167 : 10/11/20
  • Added Dog Tags steal / loss / return to log
Patch list #117 : 12/11/19
  • Fixed issue where the dog tags list was only displaying up to 100 dog tags
Patch list #72 : 04/12/18
  • Fixed dog tag event text appearing on user profiles after completion
Dog Tags Competition : 08/09/15
  • Dog tags are now individual entities, each one is unique. There are special ones to collect if you can find them.
  • You can take dog tags by simply winning an attack. Leaving, Mugging and Hospitalizing all work.
  • If you manage to keep hold of your own dog tag, it's worth 10x more to you.
  • You can return dog tags to their original owners if you wish.
  • The score of a single dog tag can increase if it's been possessed by multiple different people.
  • Stealing a dog tag is no longer guaranteed. There is a high chance, which reduces to a low chance if the same person is being targeted over and over again.