Simple Virus

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Simple Virus #69
A very simple virus that was written by an amateur.
Used to plant a virus.
Sell Price

Simple Virus is a Virus item that was released in late 2004. It can be acquired through virus programming and can be sold to (but not purchased at) Cyber Force.

The Simple Virus is used in "Plant a Computer Virus" crimes.


The Simple Virus can be programmed using a Personal Computer, Laptop, or Gold Laptop after completion of the CMT1520 Introduction to Computing Education course has been completed. A Simple Virus takes seven days to program, the shortest programming time of any Virus. It can also be found through city finds.

The programming time for a Simple Virus can be reduced through various methods. With all reductions, a Simple Virus can be programmed in one day.

Methods of Reducing Virus Programming Time
Method Reduction
Working at a Software Corporation 50%
Owning a Dividend Block of I Industries Ltd. 50%
Completion of the "CMT2580 Software Engineering" Education course 20%
Completion of the "CMT2600 Natural Language Engineering" Education course 10%


The Simple Virus is required to do the "Simple Virus" Virus crime. This crime is rarely done as the "Stealth Virus" crime cannot send a player to the Jail or Hospital and gives more money and Crime Experience than any other Virus crimes.

The Simple Virus is not consumed upon use, and can be reused for the crime.

Historical Notes

The Education course required to program the Simple Virus was originally called the "Basic Computing Course."

Patch History

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