Naughty Cache

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Naughty Cache #1113
The Naughty Cache is the kind of item you keep at the back of the wardrobe away from the children and your mother-in-law. Inside this crate you will find a single item that will transform your sex life. It could be a blindfold to increase suspense, a maid uniform for role-play, or a garden gnome butt-plug eight inches in diameter. Whatever's inside, please wash it before use.
Supply Pack

Naughty Cache is a Supply Pack item that can be acquired via TCC's Benefit Block, and as a Subscriber Reward

Possible Contents

Upon opening the Naughty Cache, the player will receive one of the items from the list below

Naughty Cache
Image Item Description
large.png Assless Chaps Traditionally, a set of chaps consists of a pair of leggings and a belt, often made of leather, which are worn over trousers to protect the wearer's legs while on horseback. Chaps do not typically cover your crotch or buttocks, but this pair has been designed with a front pouch, which hints that they are to be worn over bare naked flesh. Assless they may be, but you'll have no trouble tapping dat in a pair of these bad boys.
large.png Ball Gag The Ball Gag is the perfect gift for a lover who refuses to stop making weird noises at the point of orgasm. Consisting of a hardy leather strap and a rubber ball fixed together with steel clasps, this item can also be used to recreate the gimp scene from Pulp Fiction, if you're into that sort of thing.
large.png Booty Shorts Not everyone can pull off a pair of Booty Shorts, especially if it's a hot day and they've stuck to the inside of your ass-flaps. These leopard-print crack-snugglers are perfect for those whose friends have no imagination, because they leave absolutely nothing to it. There's no need to upload pictures of your food to Instagram while wearing Booty Shorts this tight, because everyone can see what you had for dinner.
large.png Blindfold This blindfold is made from soft, black silk, and is capable of obstructing the wearer's vision even in the presence of daylight. Blindfolds can be great fun in the bedroom if you like a little mystery in your sex life. They also come in handy if your partner hasn't aged well, or has recently undergone reconstructive surgery after a particularly nasty car accident.
large.png Chest Harness If you can ever figure out how to get this thing on, you'll be the belle of the leather fetish ball.
large.png Choker Despite its name, this flattering neck accessory is surprisingly comfortable.
large.png Collar When people see you wearing a collar they are liable to suppose one of two things. Either you're a goth, or you're under the influence of a 40-something online dom who has convinced you you're his sex slave to mask the fact he doesn't know how to please a woman. You were hoping to meet your very own Christian Grey, but he's more of a Christopher Beige.
large.png Fishnet Stockings Aside from the occasional fish caught in them, this steamy alternative to pantyhose remains a fan favourite.
large.png Knee-high Boots If you were to wear these and enter a 'highest boots' competition, you would only lose out to thigh-highs.
large.png Lingerie It's really just a fancy word for underoos.
large.png Maid Hat No Maid Uniform is complete without a dainty little Maid Hat to top it off. This "hat" may be no more than a strip of starched lace glued to a simple headband, but from the instant you wear it, you'll feel as if you're in the bedchambers of an old French aristocrat whose bedpan needs to be emptied forthwith.
large.png Maid Uniform French Maid Uniforms are one of the most popular types of sexy outfit, alongside schoolgirl, secretary, nurse, and 14th Century Brigandine. This particular Maid Uniform is made from cheap polyester and cotton lace, and will no doubt fall apart during a vigorous polishing of the ornaments.
large.png Mankini Wear a mankini, but make sure you manscape first. Don't make me mansplain it to you.
large.png Mini Skirt The regular skirt's shorter, flirtier, smaller cousin.
large.png Nipple Tassles Jump up and down so they go around and around and around and around!
large.png Opera Gloves Once the preserve of high society dames and regality, Opera Gloves are now worn by slags and wannabe starlets everywhere. The long, slender design of these stylish gloves make even the roughest broad feel like she's having Breakfast At Tiffany's when she's snarfing down an Egg McMuffin in Maccies at half nine in the morning.

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