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Spray Can: Pink #858
This aerosol can contains approximately 400ml of pink spray paint. The pink items displayed on the can include a piglet, cotton candy, flamingoes, and a sunburnt version of the singer Alecia Beth Moore Hart.
Used to spray graffiti.
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Spray Can: Pink is an Other item that can be found as a result from the "Search the Junkyard" Search For Cash subcrime, as well as from the "Search the Fountain" subcrime, both as a regular find and part of a unique result that gives four pink along three each of the blue, orange, and purple spray can varieties. It can also be purchased from Bits 'n' Bobs as of 11 July 2023. [1]

A spray can is required to do the Graffiti crime.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #

New item categories: Tools & Materials : 01/04/24
  • The following item names have been changed so they fit better within their new categories: Spray Can -> Spray Paint


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