Cut-Throat Razor

Cut-Throat Razor #567
The Cut-Throat Razor is a razor with a blade that can fold into its handle. Once widely used, it has since been replaced by modern safety razors. However it is still a popular tool with pickpockets who use it to open victim's pockets and cut bag straps unnoticed.
Improves Pickpocketing crime exp & skill gains by 5%.

Cut-Throat Razor is an Enhancer item that can be found in the city and as a unique result from crimes.

This item cannot currently be sold to any shops in the city.


This item can be found randomly in the city, and as unique results from the following crimes:


When a player has a Cut-Throat Razor in their inventory, their success rate for the Pickpocketing Crime is increased if the player is in Crimes 1.0.

If the player is in Crimes 2.0 the Cut-Throat Razor boosts Pickpocketing crime experience and skill gains by 5%.

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