Lump of Coal

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Lump of Coal #707
It seems Santa has been very displeased with you. It looks like this is all you're getting for Christmas this year.
Required during the production of forgery projects.
Sell Price

Lump of Coal is an Other item that is used during the production of Forgery projects.

Lump of Coal can be obtained from the following crimes:

Lump of Coal can be also acquired as a prize from various games, chests and when exchanging Prize Coupons at Christmas Town.

Lump of Coal is also sent out to players by Santa Claus since 2014 as a naughty gift for those who attacked (successfully?) another player or NPC during Christmas time. Players can receive only single lump of coal. Once you received it, you can never receive more.(source)

This item can be sold for $1 at Bits 'n' Bobs.

Patch History

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