At the very top of the Home Page there will be a message informing you that you can upgrade your level (if applicable).

The Home Page is now customisable. There are various boxes that you can rearrange to suit your needs, or minimise if you don't need them.

The boxes are:

General Information
Name: Your name and ID
Money: The amount of money you have on hand
Points: The number of points you have
Level: Your Level
Rank: The highest rank which you have achieved
Life: How many life points you have out of your total life points
Age: The number of days old your account is
Marital Status: Whether you are single or married - if married it will also show who you are married to and how long you have been married
Property Image
A picture of the property you are currently living in
Property Information
Cost: How much you paid to buy the property - will show as $0 if someone gave the property to you
Upkeep: How much you pay daily for upkeep and staff costs
Latest Messages
Shows the last five messages you received
Latest Events
Shows the last five events you received
Battle Stats
Shows your battle stats
Working Stats
Shows your working stats
Equipped Weapons
Shows the images of any weapons, armor and temporary weapons you have equipped
Latest Attacks
Shows the last five attacks you have been involved in
Job Information
Job: Your job title
Company: The name of the Company you work for (if any)
Rank: Your role in the Company
Income: How much you are paid a day
Job Points: The number of job points you have accumulated in your present Company
At the bottom of the box it shows how many stars your Company has achieved
Faction Information
Faction: The name of your Faction
Days in Faction: How many days you have spent in your faction without leaving or being kicked
Respect: How much respect your Faction has earned
Rank: Shows how your Faction ranks compared to others
Members: How many people are in your faction
Criminal Record
Shows the number of times you have committed each of the different types of crime
Personal Perks
This shows any benefits you get from your faction, education courses, merits or stocks. At the bottom is a number showing the total

At the very bottom is:

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