Goodie Bag

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Goodie Bag #588
An exquisite mix of Torn's hidden desires. Ranging from delicious bags of candy to revitalizing cans of energy drinks.
Provides an assortment of 30 items made up of Candy, Alcohol and Energy Drinks when opened.
Supply Pack
Sell Price

Goodie Bag is a Supply Pack item that can be found as city find.

This item can be sold for $450

Possible Contents

Upon opening the Goodie Bag, the player will receive a randomly chosen various amounts of items from the list below.

This list may be incomplete.

Image Item Type
large.png Bag of Candy Kisses Candy
large.png Bag of Chocolate Truffles Candy
large.png Bag of Sherbet Candy
large.png Bag of Tootsie Rolls Candy
large.png Jawbreaker Candy
large.png Bottle of Kandy Kane Alcohol
large.png Bottle of Minty Mayhem Alcohol
large.png Bottle of Mistletoe Madness Alcohol
large.png Bottle of Pumpkin Brew Alcohol
large.png Bottle of Stinky Swamp Punch Alcohol
large.png Bottle of Wicked Witch Alcohol
large.png Can of Munster Energy Drink
large.png Can of Red Cow Energy Drink
large.png Can of Rockstar Rudolph Energy Drink
large.png Can of Santa Shooters Energy Drink
large.png Can of Taurine Elite Energy Drink
large.png Can of X-MASS Energy Drink

Historical Notes

  • Goodie Bag used to be potential loot when assisting in a defeat of Easter Bunny.
  • Goodie Bag used to be given out to players who reached level 5 in Torn City Facebook, but this has been discontinued.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #