Friends List

Your Friends List is a list which you are able to add players to with custom descriptions. Flagged friendly players will show up in the left hand sidebar when they are online. Initial capacity starts at 10 players, and can be further increased via the points building for 25 points per 10 players or via the special Book: Making Friends, Enemies, And Cakes (+100 player capacity to friends list).

The friends list also allows you to quickly see when they make a post on the Forums from the forums page in a box on the right hand side.

Friends are ordered by their description alphabetically. Descriptions of 'None' are at the top.

From your friends list, you can view the following information about the players you have saved:

  • Online/Offline
  • Name
  • Level
  • Status - Okay, Jail, Hospital, Traveling, Federal Jail.
  • Icons
  • Description - a description you have put about them. If no description is added, shows as 'none'.

There is a company special at the Detective Agency ("Friend or Foe" special) that allows someone to see who's friended / blacklisted a specified player. You can purchase this service from someone working at a Detective Agency if you want to know who has blacklisted and friended you.

Platinum PDA

In Dubai, it is possible to purchase a Platinum PDA for 12 Billion dollars that expands the list and allows you to save additional players, increasing your maximum friend capacity by 500.

Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #92 : 07/05/19
  • Added ability to set description for Friends List and Blacklist additions via profile.
Patch list #89 : 09/04/19
  • Added displaying friend / enemy reason message on profile page when hovering over buttons.

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