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Titles were introduced on 15/02/13 (see Announcement). Every active player is granted one of 46 possible titles which reflects their most distinctive attribute or activity compared to all other players who have been active during the past week, inactives get the deserted title. A title is distinct from a rank, which is an indication of one's relative progress in the game.

It is determined by your highest ranked (against other players active within the past week) attribute, and changes once a week at most. For example, if you win enough defends to rank #5,000 while all other attributes are ranked lower than #5,000, then you will get the title of Antagonist. If you were to then rank another attribute higher than that - e.g. rank #4,900 for drug use - then your title will change to Druggy.

See also: Rank

Title Triggers
Title Trigger
Accomplice Attacks assisted
Addict Times overdosed
Alcoholic Alcohol items used
Antagonist Defends won
Avenger Retaliations done
Bonds Agent People bailed
Booster Stat enhancers used
Boxer Hand-to-hand finishing hits made
Buster People busted
Coward Times run away
Citizen New player who hasn't made any actions.
Damage Dealer Best damage made
Deserter Be inactive for 30+ days
Druggy Drugs taken
Egotist Bounties placed
Felon Times jailed
Healer Revives done
Hired Gun Bounties claimed
Hoarder Points bought
Importer Items bought abroad
Intimidator Foes ran away
Investor Money invested in bank
Jobsworth Times trained
Killer Attacks done
Loser Attacks lost
Medalist Awards earned
Mercenary Contracts completed
Merchant Auctions won
Mobster Organized Crimes participated in
Newcomer New player with age <7 days or 7-30 days with no action
Nudist Unarmored fights won
One Hit Killer One hit kills
Outcast Receive bounties
Punchbag Defends lost
Racer Races won
Samaritan Item sends
Sage Time Played
Scavenger Items found in the dump
Sharpshooter Critical hits done
Silent Killer Stealth attacks done
Slayer Best killstreak achieved
Soldier Respect gained
Socialite Messages sent
Tank Fights stalemated
Thief Money mugged
Tourist Times travelled
Trader Trades done
Tycoon Bazaar customers

Historical Notes

  • 9 additional titles were added from the original lot in Patch List #93 on 14/05/2019.

Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #275 : 07/02/23
  • Added Avenger profile title for those who have Retaliations as their highest-ranked personal stat
Patch list #265 : 15/11/22
  • Changed title names Bondsman to Bonds Agent, Hitman to Hired Gun, and Marksman to Sharpshooter
Patch list #227 : 01/02/22
  • Added new 'Racer' title for users ranking higher in 'Races won' than other personal stats
Patch list #93 : 14/05/19
  • Added 9 new titles: Boxer, Alcoholic, Nudist, Mercenary, Addict, Medalist, Accomplice, Slayer & Mobster.
  • Changed Sage title to be based on activity rather than logins.