Ladder #980
Ladders were traditionally used to help people avoid snakes, but these days they have all sorts of uses; scaling a tree to retrieve a cat, peeping into your neighbor's bedroom window late at night to look at their cat, and gaining entry to the Ladder Owners Club of Torn. This ladder is made from flimsy aluminium and has been described as "a death trap" by online reviewers.

Ladder is a Tool item that can be found as a result from crimes.

It is used to unlock additional outcomes in the Graffiti crime.


This item can be found randomly through city finds, and as a result from the following crimes:




Having a Ladder in a player's inventory will unlock additional, usually higher paying outcomes when spraying graffiti across the city.

Historical Notes

Ladders were first introduced with the release of Crimes 2.0 early access and could only be found from Searching the Junkyard.

They were removed from Searching the Junkyard on 28 June 2023, making them impossible to obtain until 25 July 2023 with the release of Graffiti.

The Ladder was originally an Other item.

  • It was updated to a Special item on 29 June 2023.
  • It was updated to a Tool item on 01 April 2024

Patch History

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