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Torn Messages (previously called Mailbox) is an in-game email like mail system. It is a place where you can send and receive 1 on 1 messages from anyone that you have not blocked. This system is not actively monitored, but all messages are logged and, as necessary, checked for Social Violations.

Rules and Guidelines

To protect users, there are social guidelines that must be adhered to avoid an excessively toxic environment. Please see the current rules under Social Violations.


The inbox is where you can receive mail from anyone that you have not blocked. There are four types of mails that you can receive:

  • Standard - This mail will appear normally
  • Faction Newsletter - This mail will have a blue subject link
  • Company Newsletter - This mail will have a green subject link
  • Anonymous - This mail will have an anonymous sender

Replying to any of these messages will continue the conversation with the sender (even when replying to an anonymous message).


  • The 'history' tab opens up to the past ten conversations with the particular player.
  • You can not send mail to more than one person unless it is a newsletter.
  • You can not undo a mail once sent.
  • When you finish bachelors in computer sciences, you get the ability to send anonymous mails.

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