Double Cut File

Double Cut File #1340
A six-inch double cut hand file suitable for heavy duty work on a wide variety of surfaces. This tool is fitted with patented anti-patisserie technology, preventing it from being baked into cakes, flans, or desserts of any kind.
Required for the disposal of firearms
Sell Price

Double Cut File is a Tool item that can be found as a result from crimes.

It is required for the Disposal crime when attempting to dispose of a firearm.


This item can be found randomly through city finds, and as a result from the following crimes:


  • "Homeless Person" (quantity one)
  • "Laborer" (quantity one)


  • "Tool Shed" (quantity one)
  • "Market" (quantity one)


Having a Double Cut File in a player's inventory is required for the abandon, bury and sink disposal methods when doing firearm jobs. The Double Cut File is not lost on use.

Historical Notes

Double Cut Files were first introduced with the release of Burglary during Crimes 2.0's early access on 12 September 2023, found by burglarizing tool sheds and markets.

The Double Cut File was originally an Other item.

  • It was updated to a Special item on 21 November 2023 with the release of Disposal.
  • Then on 1st of April 2024 it was updated to Tool item.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #