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Blanket #1235
This delightful woolen blanket wouldn't look out of place draped over a sofa, spread across a bed, or wrapped around a teeny tiny human being. This is in stark contrast to Blanket Jackson, son of Michael, who is more suited to being dangled precariously over a hotel balcony.
Sell Price

Blanket is an Other item that can be found as a result from the "Search the Junkyard" Search For Cash subcrime, as well as from part of a unique result of the "Search the Beach" subcrime that gives a Blanket along with six Bottles of Beer, five Sports Shades and four Proda Sunglasses.

It can also be found as a result of Burglary crimes in "Apartment", "Beach Hut", and "Suburban Home" residential targets.

It currently has no use outside of being sold. As it can be sold to the Recycling Center, no use is planned for the item in the foreseeable future.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #