Anniversary Present

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Anniversary Present #1035
This box was given out on Torn's 15th anniversary. It contains roughly 15% of your daily ration of joy.
Supply Pack

Anniversary Present is a Supply Pack item distributed to players during Torn's 15th birthday celebration on 15th November 2019.

When opened, Anniversary Present contained following items:

Possible dong one could get from Anniversary Present:

Possible clothing item one could get from Anniversary Present:

Players received event with various descriptions for example:

  • Your flight encounters a small patch of turbulence, causing several items to tumble around the fuselage. A fancy yellow box drops onto your lap from the bin above your head. It appears to be an Anniversary Present.
  • You spot a little boy skipping merrily down the street with a box labeled "Anniversary Present" in his hands. You punch him square in the face, screaming "Torn is PG13", and sprint off with glee having stolen his box.

Patch History

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