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This page is a test page, and while the content may be accurate, I make no promises. -Helcostr [1934501]

Helcostr/Jackhammer #223


Type Primary
Obtained Switzerland
Buy Price $5,000,000
Sell Price $4,000,000
Weapon Details
Class Shotgun
Clip x Round 3 x 10
Damage ~71.78+ Accuracy ~56.01+
Official Description
A gas operated, fully automatic only shotgun. Able to fire 240 rounds per minute, this is not your average shotgun.

The Jackhammer is a Shotgun Primary Weapon, that can be obtained from Switzerland for $5,000,000, or from player resellers in the Item Market.

This weapon can be sold for $4,000,000 to Big Al's Gun Shop

Weapon Stats

  • Damage: ~71.78+
  • Accuracy: ~56.01+
  • Rate of Fire: 5 to 10
  • Clip per Fight: 3
  • Round per Clip: 10 12 Gauge Cartridge


  • None

Patch Notes

  • None