Senet board

Senet, or Senat is regarded as possibly the oldest board game in the world. Found in Predynastic and First Dynasty burials of Egypt, around 3500BC and 3100BC. The game is similar to draughts, with a board of 30 squares (3x10). The game is played with two sets of at least 5 pawns. Although Senet sets are mass produced today, this original set from around 3200BC would be priceless for a keen collector. As a complete set of 5 white pawns, 5 black pawns, and the Senet board, this collection would be very valuable to any collector or museum.



The Senet Board is an Artifact item. It is a part of set. Along with 5 x White Senet pawn and 5 x Black Senet pawn, it can be traded at the Museum for 2,000 Points.

It can be found in the City once the Egyptian Archaeology History course has been completed.