Many players in Torn will try to scam you. This is NOT against the rules and staff will NOT be able to help you get your cash or items back.

Staff are prohibited from scamming anyone. [1]


You need to be aware of the types of scams people use, and try to avoid being scammed.

There are many ways to avoid the scams, if you know what you are looking for.

Rules to live by

Some simple rules to follow will help you to keep your items and cash safe.

  • Never give anyone your account details to log in to ‘help’ you. You could lose your account.
  • Never send your cash to someone, who claims they can double it for you. They will steal your cash.
  • Never send items to a player if you are selling them even if they say they will pay you after, they may tell you their trade feature is broken, this is a scam. You will lose your items, the trade feature is a very safe way to trade.

Trade scams

When using the trade feature, check the trade before accepting. You will get TWO chances to check. Check it carefully, and don't rush through it. Rushing through a trade could cost you, it's worth taking your time and being completely certain it's as it should be.

  • Scammers may also claim they cannot add companies or factions to trades, and tell you to send the cash directly to them. This is not true. They can be added to trades, and will trade you straight to director or leader, if you ever trade for them. A good rule to follow is if it's too good to be true, it probably is! No one wants to pay you extortionate prices for an item they can buy cheaper on the market. Be sure to be smart and not greedy!
  • People will also try to change the name of a company or faction to an item name, and trade you the cheap item instead of the company or faction. This can also be the other way around, so be mindful!
  • Different things in trades show up in different colours, If you learn the colours, this will help you make sure you are getting the correct thing in the trade.

Money shows in red

Items shows in yellow

Properties show in green

Companies show as blue

Factions show as grey

Investment scams

Investment scams are used a lot. If you send your cash to someone to bank for you, be aware that they may steal your cash. It will be lost. You should learn to invest for yourself. Please be aware this type of scam is used in the bookie as well. Be knowledgeable there is never a 'sure thing' and they are using your money to bet in the bookies if they lose you will lose it all. If you want to place bets in the bookie you can and should do this from your own account.

Company advertisement scam

Someone may tell you, they can come and run a company advertisement for you, (when you are over level 10, and can own a company), if they have the stock special for this. If you hand over directorship of your company to them, they may keep your company. Do not hand your company over to anyone for any reason unless you are willing to risk not getting it back.

Faction bank scam

Storing cash in someone's faction bank, could also be a way to be scammed. If they refuse to return your cash, it will be lost. It's always best to bank your money on your own account. Houses come with vaults for storing money. The bank in the city can hold up to 2 billion with several options on how long you wish to invest your cash.

Housing upgrade scam

Do not send your property to someone to do upgrades for you. They may keep your house. There is no upgrade someone else can do to your property that you can't. Please be aware anything that you want upgraded on your house you can do from your account just like anyone else. Sending someone your property will most likely result in you losing it.

Bazaar Scams

There are items in TORN that look alike with one being very cheap compared to the other which is expensive. There are some players that will list the cheaper item with the price of the more expensive one in order to make more money. This used to happen very often but ever since the implementation of a red text warning that appears when you're overpaying for an item, this type of scam has reduced.


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